Boarding Information

Pre-Trip Instructions & Tips

Walloon Lake Boat Company

Planning Your Trip

When planning your trip aboard the Hummingway, there are many options to consider.

Food & Beverage.
You are allowed to bring both food and beverage on your trip. We have a small fridge along with a large cooler. There are two tables on the Hummingway. One toward the front of the boat and the other is located on the rear sundeck.

Resort casual wear is ideal. There is no swimming during your trip, so no need for swimsuits. Depending on the weather conditions, it is always a good plan to include a light jacket or hoodie.

The hummingway is equipped with a very nice sound system. You can connect via bluetooth. We recommend downloading your playlist to your mobile device since cellular service can be spotty on certain areas of Walloon.

Arrival & Boarding

We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before departure to ensure your allotted tour time is spent on the water.

The boarding location is located in front of BarrelBack. We will be on one of the docks.

We recommend using the parking lot located behind the Walloon Lake General Store / Talcot Building. There is plenty of space.