The idea to start Walloon Lake Boat Company was born from a love for the lake.

Our Story

Raised on Walloon

I have been summering on Walloon Lake for 40 years. I remember being 8 years old and visiting the undeveloped lot in the West Arm of the lake where my parents ended up building a log home. There was a narrow path that led from the dirt road down to the water. It was covered in wild raspberry and blackberry bushes. Thankfully, my parents saw the potential in that overgrown lot. I don’t think any of us imagined all the love and laughter that would flourish in the house they built there. We didn’t have a television set for many of those early years. Instead, we would spend the evening playing board games or sitting around the bonfire. I remember when homes with air conditioning were rare, and a late-night swim was the best way to cool off. My sister and I learned to waterski and tubed with cousins and washed our hair in the lake at the end of a sun filled day. It seems like all these memories were so long ago, but Walloon Lake has this magical timelessness to it. When you arrive it is as though time slows down and all those moments with family and friends become the only thing that is important. Many years have passed but summer looks very much the same for my family now. My husband Matt and I come to Walloon from Detroit as soon as my responsibilities as an art teacher wrap up in June. Our teenage son and daughter are often with us. They swim to the water trampoline, ride on the jet skis, and spend cherished time with their cousins who come all the way from Georgia to summer at Walloon. The idea to start Walloon Lake Boat Company was born from a love for the lake, the community, and all the wonderful people Matt and I have grown to know there over the many years. We want to share a piece of the special place that has given our family so much joy.